There is a dark age for the Alberia Kingdom and all East Europe. For over a hundred years the Ottoman Empire dominate that lands. At 1411, the nine years old Gjergj Kastrioti was taken as a hostage and trained as a Janissary by the elite fighter Ottoman captors. Gjergj comes form a noble family, but all them remained servants of the dark empire. Without any possibility of objection, George obeys orders, but he has a plan. Soon, he become one of the best Generals, and the Ottomans call hem “Skanderbeg” – The Lord Alexander. The Skanderbeg heart belonged to the land that was born, so he returned to Illyria and defended the Eagle People with great courage and honor, for a long long time. There met Donika, the great love, that after became his wife. For years he never defeated, defended not only his homeland against invasion, but the Vatican too. Skanderbeg helped shape Europe as we know it today. Ultimately he prevented the destruction of and preserved the Christian Faith. The Pope crowns him as a knight of Christianity, from that day Skanderbeg become a legend!

1466 December 25 Pope Paolo II : …”Alexandrum Epyrotarum regem, quem Albanensium sermone Scanderbech appellamus, principem quidem magnanimum armis belloque insignem, qui complurimas Turchorum strages quam frequenter…”

The Lord Of Eagles and Christ’s Shield died at 1468